The main impact and themes that this book has left me is the theme of gender roles, it shows how much we have changed now reflecting back when the book was written. We have changed to be more accepting of gender and sexual identities, as well as this we have accepted a change in gender roles which means woman are allowed to be the ones who provide the main income for the household and then the male can stay at home and look after the house, a prime example of this, is Jacinda Ardern and her husband Clarke where Clarke takes on more of a “traditional” woman’s role where Jacinda takes the ‘traditional” male role within the household.

“History proves that what we have been in the past we could be again.”

Atwood was concerned about 1980’s debates about feminist attitudes, specifically toward sexuality and pornography. Feminist protesting against demeaning nature of pornography in order to “protect women.” This idea of religious zealots restricting women’s freedom for “protective” reasons is quite prominent in Atwood’s work.

Atwood calls the novel speculative fiction – what could occur if society closes its eyes to what is going on in the world. If people aren’t paying attention, they may experience loss of freedoms. In

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